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Mr B’s Escape from Moundou


The following story is quite amusing and Carlo calls it ‘Bertrand’s escape from Moundou’:

As I’ve said, Bertrand was here for 5 days to complete a GPS training with Carlo’s surveyors.  Now Friday arrived and it was time for him to fly back to the capital to catch his plane to Paris on Sunday evening.  Very easy in principal but seldom so in practice, as after all this is Africa! 

Carlo took Bertrand to the airport three times …….. firstly a dust storm hit Moundou so the Friday plane couldn’t land here.  Bertrand begrudgingly comes back to Club-Coton-Chad for another night.  (an aside -– we also heard that the Air France flight from Paris has been diverted from N’Djamena and had landed in the Cameroun, several thousand miles away, also due to this sand storm).  On Saturday morning Bertrand and Carlo were back at the airport as instructed.  They are firmly told ‘no plane today!’.  ‘What?!’ they say.  They are then told the plane is being used by Monsieur Le President so it will be going to Sahr (a town an hour away) instead of coming to Moundou but that it might come back to Moundou in the afternoon so they must be at the airport, just in case.  Carlo’s instincts were right…… if the President has the plane we won’t see it at all on Saturday.  Bertrand had meanwhile tried to talk his way, rather arrogantly, onto a private jet which was the only sign of action at the airport.  His attitude went against him!  So Bertrand came back to Club-Coton-Chad for yet another night …. he was even less amused!   So now Sunday arrived and Bertrand must be back in N’Djamena as his Paris flight leaves that evening.  Carlo is allowed a lie in and a local driver is assigned to take Bertrand, yet again, to the airport in the hope that the Sunday a.m. flight WOULD arrive.  If not the plan was that the driver would then continue immediately by road to N’Djamena with Bertrand and 6 hours later he would be there, in time for his Paris plane.  Our Frenchman was VERY unhappy about this option (for French security reasons of course) and his parting words to Carlo were ‘I’m never coming back to Moundou!!’.  We later heard the local plane DID in fact arrive and thanks to Annabelle’s influence he got one of the 30 seats.



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